Industry: Restaurants/ Office: Sofia

The Challenge

Inspiring project for complete re-branding in order to position the REPEAT brand in a higher price class. Create a vision that brings both traditional and modern.

Concept and Solution

After extensive analysis of the target audience, the functional and emotional benefits of the brand, as well as the conclusions about its character, we determined which archetypes it belongs to.
Then we chose the colors, fonts, graphic elements, style of product photography, as well as the vision of the interior to help the overall sound of the new corporate identity.
We created a brand name and logo that is close to consumers and easy to remember. And in the final we adapted the new key visions for all online platforms and printed materials.


The result of strategic analysis and creative process is a completely new, modern and attractive corporate identity and visual environment that fully meets the goals of being positioned in the higher price class, creates trust and loyal customers.

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